Grains de kéfir d'eau, avec Neuchâtel et son lac en arrière-plan

The fellowship of Exchange of the Kefir and Kombucha

I plan to translate someday the website in German and English, to begin with, and to add the countries speaking those languages in the country selection boxes, but for the moment, I'm still trying to improve the scripts, the navigation, and the database handling of the basis version, the French one.

If you're able to navigate in the french version of the site, and would like to add yourslef as kefir source for a country which is not listed, you're welcome to contact me with this formular to request the addition. If you have some links describing:
, it would help me to add it under shorter delays.

Currently, the database is still under construction, but you can create an account or search the database. It's already functional.


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